location: THE MOON

space laser: likely

showdown: INevitable

OBJECTIVE: Shut down B.A.D and bring Bozo to justice at last. 

BRIEFING: This is it, the grand finale. Confront Bozo on his Moon base, and foil his evil plans once and for all. The fate of the Earth is in your hands.


1. Please let us know if any of your players have disability-related special requirements. We will make every effort to accommodate any special requirements.

2. We use Zoom for the video call, and players will need to access various Google Docs and websites through the experience.

3. The event requires use of an internet connected device with microphone and speakers for each player. We recommend a device with a keyboard, mouse and webcam.

4. We operate a zero-tolerance approach to disrespectful or unpleasant behaviour. Please respect our staff, our actors, and other participants.

5. The event is designed for players aged 16 and above. If any of your players are below this age, please let us know in advance.

6. Frequently asked questions can be found here.